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Exercise & rehabilitation: restoring your inner strength.

Exercise and Rehabilitation (E&R) is an area dedicated to improving, maintaining or restoring physical strength, endurance, joint mobility and proprioception following an illness, sports injury or surgery.

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E&R can be particularly beneficial in helping to strengthen bones, promote muscular and tendon healing whilst restoring joint movement. Combined with osteopathic diagnosis and treatment, it can not only help with a number of acute and chronic conditions, but also assist with injury prevention.

The physiological impact of any sports injury or illness is unique and personal to every individual. E&R programs are specifically designed by creating a highly personalised, enjoyable and practical plan that consists of various exercises and/or activities to help an individual achieve their optimum level of function and reach their goals.

The rehabilitation process is split into three distinct phases: Early, Middle and Late. These phases usually depend on the severity and nature of the condition or injury and are designed to prevent another or similar injury recurring:

The Early Phase often consists of highly specific but gentle exercises that allow the tissues (e.g. ligaments, tendon or muscles) and the joints of the affected area to recover.

The Middle Phase of exercises begin to load the muscles, tendons, bones and joints to help strengthen the tissues enabling them withstand the riggers of exercise and daily activities.

The Late Phase is where individuals progress to more functional and dynamic exercises that fully load the bones, joints and tissues allowing them to return to their daily activities and sport.

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